Oud Story

  It is the Aloe (Evoilauria). Its lifetime ranges between 20-30 years, grows in equatorial, humid and rainy areas. Aloe is mostly native of India, followed by Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

High Cost:
  Normally, aloe material is only found in 10 to 15% of the total cut off aloe trees. It is possible to know whether the tree constitutes aloes wood or not only after being cutoff, this is why the aloe is highly expensive, in addition to the difficulties and risks associated with searching for and discovering in the intensive forests.

Original and false aloe:
  Aloe weight is heavier and of high density compared to normal wood, therefore, dishonest people increase the aloe weight by adding lead and clay and using undetected techniques by public.
* Live coal is the caliber for aloe, as in burning false aloe a black malodor smoke will be emitted, indicating that it is a false aloe. Yet, the original aloe normally emits blue good scent smoke.
* Aloe has specific sound which is well known for the experts in this field by tapping it with the glass.
* Original aloe has a bitter taste.
* Original aloe has dark color, externally and internally.
* Original aloe does not cause tears (which is the prevailing gauge).